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Complete one Form 656 for your individual tax debts and one Form 656 for your business tax debts. Each Form 656 will require the 186 application fee and initial payment. Do not send original documents. Fill out Form 656. The Form 656 identifies the tax years and type of tax you would like to compromise. The Form 656-L is not included as part of this package. To request a Form 656-L visit www. irs. gov or a local IRS office or call toll-free 1-800-TAX-FORM 1-800-829-3676. One Form 656 will be...
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Who needs an IRS 656 form?

This form is an Offer in Compromise, the agreement concluded between the taxpayer and the IRS to reduce the amount of the tax debt. If your Offer is approved by the IRS, you will pay your debt according to a specific program.

What is the purpose of the IRS 656 form?

This form gives the IRS important information about your financial situation. If the IRS officials determine that you are not able to pay your taxes, they will make a plan for paying off the debts.

What documents must accompany the IRS 656 form?

The Offer in Compromise must be filed together with the completed form 433-A or form 433-B, and all the required copies of the documents listed at the end of each form. The applicant also must pay the application fee and attach a check to the offer (you don’t have to pay the fee if you are eligible for a low-income certification).

When is the IRS 656 form due?

This form must be sent after you file all the required tax returns for the current tax year, make all the required tax payments or make all the required federal tax deposits.

What information should be provided in the IRS form 656?

The taxpayer will add the following information:

  • Personal information and business information

  • Information about tax periods

  • Reasons for offer

  • Low-income certification

  • Payment terms

  • Designation of down payment and deposit

  • Source of funds

  • Offer terms

The form must be signed and dated by the taxpayer as well.

The forms 433-A and B, as part of the Offer in compromise, should also be completed by the taxpayer. These forms ask for the following information:

  • Personal and business information

  • Employment information for wage earners or businesses

  • Information about personal and business asset

  • Information about business asset and expense

  • Information about monthly household (business) income and expense

  • Minimum offer amount

What do I do with the form after its completion?

All parts of the Offer in Compromise are forwarded to the appropriate IRS facility.

Video instructions and help with filling out and completing compromise
Instructions and Help about irs form 656 b
Hey guys my name is Anthony Fontana I'm a CPA with ea tax resolutions in this video we're going to be going over line by line in detail how to fill out the iris form 656 to submit an offer in compromise if at any point in this video you think this is way too much, and you want to hire a professional well you're in luck I'm here to help you out a link in the description you can schedule appointment with me, we charge a flat 250, and we go through your case, and we give you your options see if you even qualify for something like this all right so the 656 is the form you need to fill out definitely to file an offer and compromise, and it lays out the terms of the offer it is basically the con it's not basically it is the contract for the offer now if the offer changes later when the IRS maybe discovers something new or things change then they will amend the 656 later, but you will need to submit the form 656 to file an offer and compromise all right so here it is the 656...
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